Earth's climate response to temperature changes: Melting of the ice caps - Oceans' response

This exercise will deal with the effects of humanmade and natural temperature changes on Earth’s climate. The Greenhouse effect, the melting of the ice caps and the oceans’ response will be specifically investigated.

The exercise is divided into 3 subsections:

  1. The theoretical background on how temperature changes are measured and affect Earth’s natural systems will be discussed. Theory and simple models will be used to evaluate past temperature fluctuations compared to present tendencies.
  2. The melting of the polar ice caps will be investigated. Simple calculations and computer models will be used to calculate and assess the impact of the melting of the ice caps on the planet’s climate. The Greenhouse Effect will also be investigated.
  3. Oceans’ response will be identified (sea levels, ocean currents, acidification of the oceans) and future predictions will be attempted.


Denne SRP-øvelse foregår på engelsk.

Tidspunkt og tilmelding


D. 22.-23. november

Antal deltagere



Åbnes 11. oktober

Relevante gymnasiefag

Eksperimentelle fag
  • Geovidenskab
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  • Fysik
  • Naturgeografi

Arrangør og adresse

DTU Space, Institut for Rumforskning og -teknologi

DTU Lyngby Campus


Birte Kronbak Andersen
Studie- og uddannelseskoordinator
DTU Space
45 25 38 47